Lily Pad


This vibrant art piece was done with pen and ink and colored entirely with colored pencils! Enjoy the piece as is or enhance your viewing pleasure with 3D glasses. Watch the image pop off the page with the magic of Dr. Jellyfish.

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Who is Dr. Jellyfish?

Dr. Jellyfish is the secret love child of Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. He grew up on a tiny planet in the fifth dimension where, as a child, he raised alien ideas on a 300-acre farm inside a cosmic thimble. He has a passion for earth creatures, which often appear in his art. He refuses to be constrained to two dimensions in his art, as the laws of physics do not apply to him. He spends his days traveling to distant galaxies and parallel dimensions searching for inspiration. Dr. Jellyfish strives to change art and minds, one molecule at a time.

Who Should Take Dr. Jellyfish’s Miracle Cure for Sanity?

Does your mind insist on trying to make sense of the world? Are you only able to perceive three dimensions? Are you tired of the same old reality that everyone else experiences?

Then you need Dr. Jellyfish’s Miracle Cure!

Dr. Jellyfish’s Miracle Cure for Sanity is guaranteed to relieve even the most persistent minds of their stubborn attachment to reality. See more dimensions that you thought existed and experience new realities!

Do not operate heavy machinery while taking Dr. Jellyfish’s Miracle Cure for Sanity. Some people have experienced six dimensions when taking Dr. Jellyfish’s Miracle Cure for Sanity.

Consult your psychiatric practitioner before starting or stopping Dr. Jellyfish’s Miracle Cure for Sanity.